"gg easy" - god 2k13
im bad at a lot of things. this includes but is not limited to league of legends and drawing. i'm also dumb as hell and you shouldnt follow me <3

20k notes on the tumblr post but 5k backers? prime example of tumblr being fucking useless 

all talk 

intrica replied to your post: a compilation of why reddit knows fuck…

they win when hai is fed but lose when he’s feeding

i have nothing against c9 i just find it hilarious how everyone on reddit is a qualified analyst who knows everything about league of legends 

ugh holy shit…….. both of my parents getting angry at me for not doing all the uni work early like

youve really let us down if this continues we arent giving you any money for uni u owe it to us 


i’m being treated as an incapable shitbaby and they think it’s going to motivate me to work? like no if you’re gonna treat me like that i’m going to act like that out of spite

if you want a mature reaction treat me like a mature adult, and ill happily react in kind

if you don’t respect my ability to do these things on my own, then you clearly dont respect the result of any effort i do make. following on, it must be the case that it’s all arbitrary and i just happen to be the person involved 

so w h a t the f u c k is the p o i n t

i know how i work and i KNOW from experience how much effort i need to exert in order to do well in academic work, and i counterbalance that with gaming and shit like that because that’s what i enjoy and that’s just who i am. i actively seek to avoid unnecessary responsibility so i can spend more time with myself lazing around, but that doesn’t mean i’m incapable of taking on said responsibility

i got the best results i could possibly have got at school

objectively highest grades in EVERY public exam i’ve taken

i spent the whole fucking summer working 8 hours a day so i could feed myself at uni

but no that’s not enough apparently. i don’t understand what the fuck they want from me. i work by my own standards and at my own pace and so far in life it’s served me perfectly fine… “wow dima well done on those great results congratulations im so proud of u” 

but that was obviously bullshit because they’re not happy with my general work ethic at all and they’re putting my higher education on the line over it unless i change and become some other person who functions in a completely different way 


what???? you cant praise me for doing well and then cut me down over exactly the same shit, nothing has changed and this has always been the way i work. it is literally just who i am and you have a problem with it but i dont get why????? i get u the results u want me to get, i do the work u want me to do, but you’re not content because i’m going about it the wrong way? like really fuck you i’ve done the absolute best in every examinable context and used my intellect to the best of its capacity when i’ve needed to but you still want more??? you know what, maybe i’m just not the son you wanted

the fact that they don’t trust me with this and force me out of my internal routine with what is essentially emotional blackmail, FOR THE SAME RESULTS AS I WAS GOING TO GET ANYWAY, is just so shitty 

because the end result is this; i still get the fucking work done, as i would have anyway, except now the whole house is in a shit mood and communication breaks down even further. pointless pressure and pointless conflict and pointless breakdown of family relations

c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s i dont wanna live in this house anymore, im glad i was gone for 5 years at boarding school and im glad ill be gone again in 5 days’ time

writing this shit is making me actually cry but i needed to rant because they are making me feel like absolute shit and i really dont wanna be here anymore 

why did i even bother with school at all? i did the best i could and got dream results

TODAY i got an email saying i got the joint best mark in the country for one of my subjects

and i STILL get shat on and threatened out of higher education 

like haha 



if i go out of my way to achieve these things and you treat me like this, i might aswell not bother at all

gonna get shouted at either way so what’s the point

i know that i have work to do, i know how long it’s going to take me, and i understand the consequences of my actions should it not get done on time. i am happily willing to face those consequences and admit responsibility should things go wrong, but i know that i’m more than capable of meeting the deadline. i understand my limit for these things and over the past 18 years i’ve learned not only to survive, but to excel functioning on these principles. that’s the raw reality of the situation, and i’ve tried explaining that to them countless times, but they don’t listen because they dont TRUST me and by extension they dont respect my work ethic or ME as a person 

and yeah this sounds like a huge “first world issues” pissbaby rant

probably because it is

but i had to get it off my chest because right now they’re really REALLY disillusioned with me and they’re making me feel like shit over it and it’ s n o t fun